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Mackenzie's is an independent specialty retail boutique. Our style is a comfortable mix of home decor, handbags, jewelry, candles and more. Mackenzie's customers will find a store that is current, mindful and honest while remaining lighthearted and peaceful.
I look forward to seeing you at Mackenzie's! - Mary

We are so excited to announce our 1st Door Prize that will be available May 6, 2017 during Mackenzie's Customer Appreciation Day!

*Mackenzie's Customer Appreciation Day celebrates Mackenzie's 9th year in business and we would not be here without great product from our favorite companies and amazing customers, friends and family that support us every day!
Milkhouse Candle Company
*Milkhouse Candle Company - we love their natural soy candles packaged in reusable glassware. 100% paraffin free, 100% ...natural soy!!! No artificial colors, no lead in the wicks. Milkhouse Candle Company is located in America's heartland (Osage, Iowa). We have enjoyed watching this business grow over the years and love working with them! 

*The good folks at Milkhouse have kept "sustainability" at the forefront of product development. Natural, renewable waxes contain none of the carcinogens of paraffin candles, and the 40% recycled glassware containers are 100% recyclable, so your candle jars will have a useful life in your home long after the wax is gone. Keeping your family healthy and happy.

Bonair Daydreams 

Sometimes a line will find me and I know immediately it is a perfect fit for Mackenzie’s…Bonair Daydreams is one of those lines. While on vacation I happened to be shopping in a small boutique. I came upon a greeting card with a picture of a golden retriever looking back at me; actually I felt he was looking right into my heart and soul.
Fond memories of our own golden, “Toby Jack Murphy”, came to me immediately. I read the verse Chrissy chose to go with her photo and I was filled with such heartfelt emotion. When we returned home, I sent some emails to Chrissy to see if it would be possible to bring her card line into the shop. Chrissy was very responsive and Bonair Daydreams quickly became a hit at the shop.

*Bonair Daydreams is an award winning, inspirational greeting card line that combines black and white photography and inspirational quotations. These beautifully photographed images by Chrissy Ogden Marsh are intimate, human and fragile.

*Focusing on everyday life and how stunning it can be, Chrissy shows us how“extraordinary in the ordinary” can be.

*Bonair Daydreams has won 7 LOUIE AWARDS at The National Stationery Show in NYC.
I am so glad to have found this beautiful line and I know Mackenzie’s customers love it too.


I have always had a love for Hobo bags and Mackenzie's is thrilled to have introduced this beautiful line to the shop!  When I learned more about the company, their roots and philosophy for business, I could understand my attraction.  As a child of the 70's, Hobo's philosophy and spirit is music to my heart and soul.  Looking for the right words to describe Hobo's bags was easy... quality, classic, timeless, beautiful, thoughtful...

*Driven by the belief that our personal belongings should reflect the romance of the journey we take, Hobo stays true to their enduring design philosophy that balances beauty with utility and Hobo's nostalgic tribute to the methods and soul of the 70's!

*Hobo is a family owned business that began in 1991 in Annapolis, Md.

*Meticulously sourced leathers are handpicked for each bag to achieve the ultimate hand, drape and utility.  Hobo bags only get better with use and wear!

Katie Loxton of London

 Looking for a perfect Birthday, Graduation Day or Mother's Day gift? Our new Katie Loxton line is a beautiful collection of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, "perfect pouches", journals and note cards! All of Katie's gifts come in a darling branded gift bag!

*Beautifully presented on a simple white Katie Loxton card, these bracelets makes the perfect present for a loved one or a little treat for yourself.

*All Katie Loxton Jewelry is silver plated 3 times, strung with silk and is always made with real crystals, stones or pearls. Each piece of Katie Loxton Jewelry is carefully hand wrapped in a Beautiful Katie Loxton Gift Bag and tied with a silk bow.
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