Every Day Is A Gift

Welcome to Mackenzie's!

Our goal is to create a safe shopping experience that will bring the beauty of each season to life with inspiring displays featuring hand curated merchandise for your decorating and gift giving needs.

Thank you to my dear customers for keeping the dream alive and 
supporting this small business. ❤️

Regular store hours are Wednesday-Saturday 9-4.  
We look forward to having you visit Mackenzie's.  

We invite you to join us for Mackenzie's time honored Christmas Open House. 
 All of us at Mackenzie's look forward to celebrating this special time of year with you!  
The shop will be brimming with holiday happiness, wonderful displays, glass ornaments, 
great decorating accents and plenty of good cheer!

Please note that the shop will be closed October 17 - October 21 as we (and the decorating elves) prepare the shop for our special event.  Mackenzie's will continue to follow CDC protocols 
as we wish good health for all of our customers and "elves".  Every day is a gift.

August 2021